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Lorenza Mazzetti's story of her adventures in London in the 1950's - escaping Italy and studying at the Slade School of Art. An extraordinary neo-realist narrative of film-making and survival.
London Diaries
A brilliant introduction to the complex ideas of  one of the great thinkers of the 20th century.
Short-listed for the Mercer Prize 2012.
Spirituality in Contemrporary Art. Jungu Yoon
Sociology brought up to date. The internationally best-selling Introducing Sociology/Sociology for Beginners modernized for the digital age (first published 1996)
Sociology for Beginners (new edition)
by Richard Osborne (Author), Angie Brew (illustrator) (Author)
Film Theory for Beginners
Everyone needs to hear this story; it is a tale of contemporary America, of politics, power, corruption and money, set against the background of the Sunshine state .
Commissioner in Exile: True Life Politics in the Florida Swamp - by Henry O'Donnell
Rock'n' roll has shocked parents, terrified governments and changed the political consciousness of nations. It created the teenager and soundtracked rebellions. Societies sprang up in alarm to check its subversive influence on teh young of Britain and America. Rock groups flowered across two continents to asdd a backing track to a newfound freedom of lifestyle. It informed a sexual revolution and condemned wars. It was peace and love: experimentation, non-conformity, individuality. Another Hedgehog guide - intelligent ananlysis of popular culture.
What's Englishness all about? What are the English about? This question has vexed many people, including the English and the French at different times. Being English is an elusive quality that covers traits that range from stiff upper lips to clergymen with no backbone, or religion. The English are supposed to be polite and reserved, witty and well-mannered or raving drunken hooligans depending on who you talk too. This book looks at all of the myths, all of the stereotypes and all of the things, good and bad, that people have had to say about the English. Drawing extensively on quotes from famous commentators, this is a witty, and illustrated, introduction to the idea of 'Englishness'. Full of examples of English humour, cartoons and classic wit, it is the perfect introduction for the newcomer.
Fiona's Very Large Handbook of Englishness by Fiona Ledger and Claire Softley
What's morality all about? Deciding what's right or wrong has never been more difficult, or more complicated and this little book aims to make the reader think, reflect, and laugh at the different approaches to thinking morally. Combining quotes from the philosophers, and particularly Kant, and quick discussions of major topics, all of the issues from sexual morality to murder are debated. Meant to provoke and amuse, these pocket-sized books aim to deal with a difficult topic in a user-friendly and entertaining way. "Rich people have morals, poor people have debts" (anon) sets the tone. Kant's "Very Large Morality Handbook" will be the first in a series dealing with topics like religion, death, sexuality, globilization, football, celebrity and other key issues that preoccupy everyone today.
Kant's Very Large Morality Handbook by Richard Osborne, Georgia Harrison and Claire Softley

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