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Evolutionary science is all the rage and biology the new rock and roll - but how accurate is the information we are being fed? Jim Alexander casts a critical eye over the new popular consensus. Every week scientists announce that they have discovered the gene for something, but did you know that there is no such thing as a gene? And that man, as conventionally defined as somehow separate from animals, doesn't exist... A dramatic refutation of the dominant paradigm in biological thinking, a short introduction to evolutionary theory and the misconceptions that come out of it.
Darwin's Nuts by Jim Alexander
The credit crunch and the collapse of the housing market, along with rapidly rising unemployment and bank failures, have suddenly brought back into focus the whole question of where Britain is going, politically, culturally and economically. What it means to be British, and what are British values, are issues that cannot be avoided. After a boom that lasted ten years everyone was feeling quite smug about superior Britian, but not anymore.
Up the British by Richard Osborne
Philosophy for Beginners
Philosophy For Beginners
The ACE / Mercers’ International Book Award 2011
Spirituality in Contemporary Art - The Idea of the Numinous by Jungu Yoon
A bumbling chef from outer space and his dotty diner-saur arrive on Earth for a dream holiday only to find the planet under att ack by the most criminal cooki n the cosmos .As Gastronimus , Scrumlix and their fr iendscomically struggle with Mr Grrrumblebum and the Grrrumble Brats theyshow the difference between healthi -scriddly food and grrrizzly-wortly without preaching .Afterwards Gastronimus helps children to cook the recipes from the tale, giving in-depth eating tips .
Gastronimus and the legend of Mr Grrrumblebum by Charlie Duncan
Our century, is defined by the extraordinary being the everyday.
graphic design this way - Peter Anderson and Patrick Roberts
Easy-to-use and essential, this up-to-date student’s handbook has everything you need to know about making the most of your time at university. It contains practical, inside advice on all aspects of student life, and features a unique and indispensable academic primer for key areas of study. Sections include:
Stuff you need to know for university - Richard Osborne, John Reid, Mary Reid

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