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A mythical journey, ‘Brighde’s Cave’  is an original personal introduction to an important historical Celtic Goddess figure, which imparts inspiration, creativity and insight into the world of the Brighde Priestess Tradition. This story guides the reader through a very personal journey of a woman’s life as a Maiden, Mother and Crone.
Brighde's Cave - Isabella Weber
Leonardo's work is now widely dispersed and nearly all his surviving paintings are in public galleries, an institution that didn't even exist when he was alive. So how did they get there? Where have they been? And who has ownd them?
The Lives of Paintings - Marina Wallace
Parallel to Kemp's interest in contemporary scientists' work one may find amongst Kemp's published work as a consistent and persistent theme the historical exploration of the possibilities of perceived and represented structures and patterns as organisational imperatives in nature and cognition. Structures in the context of Kemp's writing not only relate to the privileged observation sites in modern science but also act most importantly as instruments for an art history of contextually examined yet philosophically approached continuities.
Acts of Seeing - A. Kaniari & M. Wallace
A survey of the field of art intended to introduce the beginner to the complex questions that stem from the simple idea of 'art'. Painters, theorists and philosophers are all included to show how the idea of art has developed over the last 5,000 years.
Art Theory for Beginners - Richard Osborne

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