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Invocation To the Great Cosmic Cow Mother

Fiona's Very Large Handbook of Englishness by Fiona Ledger and Claire Softley


What's Englishness all about? What are the English about? This question has vexed many people, including the English and the French at different times. Being English is an elusive quality that covers traits that range from stiff upper lips to clergymen with no backbone, or religion. The English are supposed to be polite and reserved, witty and well-mannered or raving drunken hooligans depending on who you talk too. This book looks at all of the myths, all of the stereotypes and all of the things, good and bad, that people have had to say about the English. Drawing extensively on quotes from famous commentators, this is a witty, and illustrated, introduction to the idea of 'Englishness'. Full of examples of English humour, cartoons and classic wit, it is the perfect introduction for the newcomer.