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Invocation To the Great Cosmic Cow Mother

Kant's Very Large Morality Handbook by Richard Osborne, Georgia Harrison and Claire Softley


What's morality all about? Deciding what's right or wrong has never been more difficult, or more complicated and this little book aims to make the reader think, reflect, and laugh at the different approaches to thinking morally. Combining quotes from the philosophers, and particularly Kant, and quick discussions of major topics, all of the issues from sexual morality to murder are debated. Meant to provoke and amuse, these pocket-sized books aim to deal with a difficult topic in a user-friendly and entertaining way. "Rich people have morals, poor people have debts" (anon) sets the tone. Kant's "Very Large Morality Handbook" will be the first in a series dealing with topics like religion, death, sexuality, globilization, football, celebrity and other key issues that preoccupy everyone today.